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Natural wax candles

Why Natural Wax?

Natural wax, such as beeswax or soy wax, surpasses paraffin in numerous ways.

  • It's eco-friendly, being renewable and biodegradable, reducing environmental impact.
  • Natural wax burns cleanly without emitting harmful toxins, ensuring a healthier indoor environment.
  • It offers a longer, more even burn, enhancing the longevity of candles and reducing waste.
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Candlemeleon Pink Leopard Woodenwick Soy Wax Candle at Joetie Home Fragrance. Luxury Handmade Apothecary Soy Candles

Brand Selection

We carefully select each brand for its exceptional qualities, featuring an exquisite array of fragrances crafted by master perfumers with top-notch ingredients. Moreover, all products are handmade by independent crafters within artisan workshops, ensuring each candle is a unique masterpiece.

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Shop Helm London

Helm London is a renowned luxury candle brand, dedicated to curating exceptional fragrances and elegant designs. Each soy candle is meticulously crafted to bring sophistication and ambiance to your space. With an exclusive range of scents, Helm London offers a unique sensory experience that elevates any environment. Discover timeless candle elegance with Helm London.

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Shop Balmy

Balmy's home fragrance collection is a sensory delight, crafted with the essence of essential oils and natural waxes. Elevate your space with their eco-friendly, aromatic creations that promise both indulgence and sustainability. Immerse yourself in the soothing scents and embrace a harmonious ambiance, courtesy of Balmy.

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Shop Feu

Feu Candles is a distinguished company celebrated for its artisanal, handcrafted candles. Distinguished by unique, unmatched scents meticulously blended in-house, they set themselves apart. Additionally, their candles feature distinctive wooden wicks, combining eco-friendliness with captivating ambiance, making Feu Candles an exclusive choice for discerning candle enthusiasts worldwide.

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Shop hobo+co

Hobo+Co is dedicated to crafting exquisite luxury candles that elevate your space. Their commitment to sustainability shines through their use of natural soy wax and pure essential oils. Immerse yourself in their eco-luxury creations, filling your room with captivating scents and soothing ambiance. Discover Hobo+Co today!

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